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Centerville Scrimmage
by posted 02/25/2020


The scrimmage with Centerville will be NEXT Thursday, May 5th from 8pm to 9pm.  

The address is: legacy field 99 Virginia Ave 45458

Hopefully we will have practice tomorrow.  If we do not, please plan on getting to our game 1 hour prior to game time so that we can walk through man/up man/down with the teams prior to the games on Sunday.


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Park Closed -- practice cancelled 2/24/2020
by posted 02/24/2020



Practice is cancelled today due to the city closing thefields.



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Boro Lax 5/6 A
by posted 02/23/2020



Hello All,


Unifoms are in and pick up will be Saturday 2/29 from 10-4 at Wade field at the concession stand.  In the bag will be uniform, shooter shirt (if ordered), raffle tickets, and lanyard.  If the helmet wraps come in prior to Saturday they will be in the bag also. 


Raffle Tickets:  1st Prize  $1,000, 2nd $750.00, and 3rd  $500.00

Players who sells the most will win $500.00,  Runner Up   $350.00 -  must sell more than 20 to be eligible

Winning ticket sold,  player wins $100.00

Drawing is on Boro Lax Appreciation Night,  Which is April 17th   Wade Field   (formerly known as youth night)


MANDATORY Fundraiser:   Each Player must sell 10 tickets.   Tickets are 10.00 each.      They are due back to Brande or myself by March 27th.    


Volunteering:  Each family is required to volunteer 2 hours per player.  Concession stand and ticket booth volunteering will be send out First of March.  


For our game on Sunday  3/1 we need an announcer, spotter, clock operator, possibly someone to do stats and someone to run the penalty box.  Please let me know if you are willing to help. 



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This weekend in Lax
by posted 02/22/2020


Outdoor practices start this week.  Practice start times will stay the same until the end of the season. practice will end at dusk until the time changes and then will end around 7:45.  The goal will be to be at the park at 6:00 with 15 minutes to get ready. In addition we have gotten time on Sunday at Wade Field.

Sunday 23 Feb 1:30 to 3:00 PM -- WADE FIELD (A, B1, B2)

Monday 24 Feb 6:00 PM to dark -- HAZEL WOODS Park (A, B1, B2)

Wednesday 26 Feb 6:00 PM to dark -- HAZEL WOODS Park (A, B1, B2)

Thursday 27 Feb ---possible scrimmage with Centerville (It might be delayed a week).

Saturday 29 Feb 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM -- game WADE FIELD (B2)

Saturday 29 Feb 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM -- game WADE FIELD (B1 + 5th graders from A)



Coach Eric



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First two games schedule
by posted 02/18/2020


The times/opponents/locations for the first two games came out this morning:

Date Location Time Home Away
1 March Wade Field 4:00 PM Springboro A Lebanon A
8 March Lakota West High School 5:00 PM Lakota A Springboro A


Some notes for games:

For all games, please be at the field 45 minutes prior to game time.  We will be beginning warm up 30 min prior to game time.  If a player has not pre-coordinated with the coach and is not there 25 min prior he will sit the first quarter.  If he is there less than 10 minutes prior he will sit the first half.  As stated above, if there is a specific reason that your son will be late and you coordinate with the coach prior to game day, the rules above do not apply.


Given that it is likely that we will have cool temperature for the first half of the season (unless it stays unseasonably warm), please dress your kids appropriately for the cool weather.  The game jersey has to be on the outside of the pads, but please ware long pants and shirts under the pads.  I usually get the cold gear tights for my kids and they seem to work well.  Additionally, if it is cold, surgical gloves under the kids lacrosse gloves really help the kids hands keep warm and still have the feel that they need for the stick.

Thank you,

Coach Eric



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